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Please…Don’t be Stupid. Frustrations!

“You can’t handle the Truth”-A Few Good Men

“I’m frustrated!”

Why are you frustrated?

“I can’t lose weight”

“I can’t build muscle”

“I can’t lose belly fat”

When I hear comments like these, I always ask, “what are you eating?” or “what type of exercise program do you do?”

Probably 90% to 95% of the time after hearing what they’re doing I end up thinking, “Why are you frustrated?”

There’s nothing that evokes frustrations more than unrealistic expectations.

When it comes to… “I can’t lose weight”

It’s simple…you’re intake is exceeding your caloric expenditure. (You’re consuming more than you’re burning)

And that’s the Truth.

“I can’t build muscle”

My first question is, “how many calories are you eating… and what is your macronutrient profile?”

Most people don’t know how many calories they’re eating, or what their diet is composed of.

And to make matters worse… they don’t care.

They just want change.

My second question is, “What type of workout program are you on?”    

If they say “orange th…

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