Friday, June 18, 2021

                                                                           The Battle

By Kelly Hitchcock

We carry the past with us

We frantically try to predict the upcoming years

Our minds are vociferously occupied

Filled with delusional neurotic fear

To detach from our emotions

Modern man might think is insane

Because to quiet the monkey mind

For many, would make life mundane

So, we move with no direction or intention

We cry about having no purpose or time 

We say we’ll do it tomorrow

Unaware, the river is running dry

There's an internal battle raging

We’re all troubled with mental pain 

Unaware, the harder we fight

The struggle remains the same

They say the medicine may be bitter

But it cures the disease

You can take this advice

Or continue to do as you please

We must learn to let go of the past

Stop concerning yourself with the upcoming years

Learn to live in the moment

You will conquer most all of your irrational fears

Become aware of your emotions

Mindfulness resolves most of life's pains

Control the controllables

This type of liberation is insane

You begin to live life with intention

You create more quality time

You realize, you can only do what you do

Peace, its your new way of life

The battle has been won

Ironically, the war was all in our mind

Personal awareness

Exposes the true enemy for mankind

So, take a deep breath

Listen to the wind blowing through the trees

Right now, this moment

It's all we have, and all we really need

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